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Verbalcom agency has been founded to give communication support to brands that want to be directly presented in the Russian AV market. Verbalcomís offer is based on more than 16 years of experience in AV media. Our mission is to wipe out communication borders and help members of the global business community understand each other better. We have come to help create, translate and spread info about your brand and products. We can also help to collect feedback, one of the most important things in the communication process.

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Seven reasons to translate

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It is time to write and read about your brand in Russian. There are more than 250 million Russian speakers wordwide. In 2013 Russian was the second most widely used language on the Internet. The Russian language is widespread, yet the quality of communication with this huge demographic is dependent on the desire and ability of your distributor. Because of specific terminology, making accurate translations is a complex task even for translation professionals. We have a vast amount of experience in this field. As speakers of the language of the AV industry ourselves, we are able to provide this service to the highest standard possible.


With our help you can release your news to the Russian market simultaneously with your native language. It is easy, just send us a text file prior to the release, then at the time of release you'll have a Russian language version as well.

Brochures and catalogues

We can provide translations of your brochures and catalogues, enabling you to print Russian versions of your publications and spread not only within Russia itself but in all other Russian speaking nations.

White papers

Nothing could be as attractive for industrial professionals as the vast experience of product creators. White papers are the most powerful tools if you want to build a bridge between an engineer's mind and your product. Help them learn something new and this new knowledge will be the glue that will hold them and your brand together.

Data sheets

Did you know that data sheets are the most widely used documents in the process of professional communication? At the same time data sheet translations are maybe the only sort of translation that can be done automatically. But this process requires fine-tuning. We can help you with this.

Brand representation

We can help to represent your brand in all Russian industry-specific media, as well as at exibitions and trade events.

Management of training and marketing events

We manage localised training programs assisting with all aspects of organisation. We can also provide interpretation services from industry specialists.

Info audit

We can examine the quality and quantity of information about your brand in the Russian media and send you a complete report with proof and links, and make recommendations as well.

Seven reasons to translate your website into the Russian language:

Stay on top

Official websites are always at the top of search engine result pages. You don't need any technology or services to bring yours to the top. Simply having a Russian language version of your site content will guarantee you top placement in Russian language searches. Original content will always stay on top and under your control.

Stay in control

Relying on a distributor for your Russian language content could result in the loss of that content if you change distributor. Sooner or later you have to take full control of the information about your brand; once and for all.

Stay shared

The most popular websites are online stores, which use product information they find on the Internet. If your website contains Russian language information about your product they will use it and your brand will be represented more accurately.

Stay global

The official website is the first source of information. With our help you can share news in the Russian language simultaneously with others. Also we can provide translations of brochures, catalogues and technical sheets, which you can then keep as PDF files available for download from your website.

Stay in style

Brand identification is heavily reliant on visual representation. Reading Russian language news on your official website puts the customer in regular contact with your brand in all its aspects, rather than reading this on a distributorís website with a different attitude and style.

Stay quality

The language of the AV industry is not familiar to normal translation agencies. That means if you want to do translations well you have to find a specialist. We are specialists in the AV field: we speak your language.

Stay communicated

According to the number of native or second language speakers, Russian is the most common language in Europe. In 2013 the Russian language was the second most widely used on the Internet. In total, more than 250 million people communicate regularly in Russian. It is time for you to communicate directly with this audience.